founding of Springfield, held in May, 1886, when Railroad Commissioner Kinsler in a public address said: " . . . . Consider for a moment that the Episcopal church, which was founded here by Rev. Henry Lee, has sent out three bishops, —Bishop Lee of Iowa, Bishop Littlejohn of Long Island, and Bishop Burgess." That in itself is glory enough for Springfield Since that day Christ Church has added two more names to this Honor Roll—Bishop Perry of Rhode Island and Bishop Slattery of Massachusetts, and in the early days, following the organization of the Parish (1822), two young men officiated at the services in the Armory Chapel who later became prelates of the Church, Bishop Chase of New Hampshire and Bishop Duane of New Jersey.
         In weaving into the following simple, truthful story many widely scattered facts, the writers have made no effort to produce a treatise of great historical or literary value. If this little book only helps keep active the gratitude due those who loved and worked for the existence of Christ Church, the fruits of whose steadfast, often disheartening, labors the present generation is enjoying, it has not been written in vain.

—S. H. F.


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