burden to another's shoulders so long as he lived in Springfield. We have reason to he very grateful to Colonel Roswell Lee.
         As the years went by Springfield decided to build a new Town Hall (1828). This indication of the town's growth indirectly concerned Christ Church history. The land wanted for the new building was near the corner of State and Market Streets, and was owned by Old First Church. The town purchased this lot, and gave as part payment the old Court House that formerly stood at the corner of Main and Sanford Streets. This building "was the court house which Daniel Shays and his party of 300 men took possession of on December 26, 1786 to prevent the holding of the courts when Shays's rebellion was gathering strength." Old First Church parishioners moved this building to Market Street, and used it for many years as a Parish House. In December, 1835, the Clerical Convocation of Massachusetts sent the Rev. Samuel McBurney to Springfield,
         As a missionary. For one year he held services in this old Court House but as far as we know he achieved no definite results, although work like his can never be judged by ordinary standards During that year, Bishop Griswold made the Parish one visit, Sept. 1836, and in the summer of that year "two exchanges were made, one with the Rev. U. S. Wheaton of Hartford, and one with the Rev. B. J. Noble of Middletown, Conn."
         There is, in Christ Church archives today, a small handmade coverless book, dignified by the title "Parish Register." This was begun by Mr. Rutledge and continued by Messrs. McBurney and Lee. Written by them are lists of births, baptisms, confirmations, etc., and accounts of services held. One touches with reverent fingers this evidence of the discouragements and the labors of pioneers who conscientiously blazed a trail.—S. H. F.


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