"October 28, 1858

         "The 28th of October, 1838, was the day when we first met in the Town Hall, to worship God in the venerable and cherished forms of our own Church. We were a little band, almost too fearful to go forward, lest disappointment and failure should terminate our undertaking. That first Sunday left its impression upon my mind, which can never wear away. I was just invested with the sacred office, poorly prepared for its duties, without experience, and among my own kindred, to attempt a work which we hardly dared expect would be a successful one. My morning sermon on that occasion was from these words, 'Woe is unto me, if I preach not the Gospel.' It is still preserved as a relic of the past, and whenever I see it, I am peculiarly affected, reminding me, as it does, of scenes now far away. "Your affectionate Friend,                  
"Henry W. Lee."

         The services were held in this Town Hall or in the Unitarian Church, until the Episcopalians' own church was completed in 1840.
         Following the first service, the young Rector called a meeting at Union Hail, 528 South Main Street, November 30, 1838. Wardens and vestrymen were chosen, and it was "voted to retain the name by which the society had hitherto been known, Christ Church." The name Christ Church was not generally accepted in the village at first. The Press almost always spoke of "The Episcopal Church," even as late as 1869. A stranger one day entered the Old Corner Book Store and inquired the way to Christ Church. Stern old Dr. Osgood was present, and answered the question in his abrupt manner: "Christ Church! Christ Church! there are a number of them in town, which particular one do you want?"
         The following year (1839) plans were under way for building a new church. That the venture had many friends is evidenced by the varied localities recorded in the subscription list.


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