Boston, Lowell, Chicopee, Longmeadow, Cabotville, West Springfield, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Virginia, etc. Bishop Eastburn contributed $500. The family of the Rev. Edward Rutledge, then living in New Haven, Connecticut, was also a contributor. One evidence of the enthusiasm and ardent effort the young rector directed toward swelling the building fund is shown in another letter written to Mr. Diah Allin.
"Hartford, Ct., Feb. 26, 1839.
"My dear Sir:
         "I expected to have gone to New Haven this P. M. but the stage left me behind. . . . by the liberality of the friends of the church in Hartford I have succeeded in obtaining $450. . . The Episcopalians here feel a deep interest in us, and will be most sadly disappointed in case our project should fail of accomplishment. But we must not dream of failure. I trust measures are in full operation for the increase of our subscription in Springfield. . . . I leave here for New Haven tonight. I do not anticipate much success there, or in New York. . .
"Henry W. Lee."

         The largest single sum of money for the building of the first Christ Church was obtained from the Trustees of the nearby Shaker Society. The Trustees of the Episcopal Society reported March 4, 1842. "We had tried individuals in this town, had sent to Boston, and to Hartford without . . . . having the encouragement of being able to have the use of the money several years, by paying the interest annually." The Shaker settlement was "the only place where we could get any at any rate." They loaned a little over $2350.
         The year following Mr. Lee's coming to Springfield, Christ Church was incorporated by the Legislature of Massachusetts. Our steadfast friend, Dr. Strong, laid the cornerstone of the new church, and the recurrent dream of nearly a quarter of a century came true when the venerable Bishop Alexander Viets Griswold, assisted by the Rev. Alfred Baury of Newton Lower


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