The Rev. Henry Wright Adams was born in Brookfield, Vermont, March 12, 1818. He was graduated at Wesleyan University in 1841, and became preacher in the New Hampshire Conference of the Methodist Church but withdrew from the Conference in 1847. He was ordained priest by Bishop Eastburn, October 10, 1847, coming to Christ Church the following year and remaining about eighteen months.
         At the beginning of his ministry, wishing to augment his small salary Mr. Adams purchased several acres of land in the vicinity of Pine Street and conducted a farm there. Unfortunately it was suggested by a few persons that the parish suffered from the rector's divided interest. Although he was wholly exonerated from these unhappy charges, he thought it best to resign. In accepting his resignation, the wardens and vestry wrote to him that " . . . . we bear witness to your ability and piety as a clergyman of the church." Bishop Eastburn also wrote at this time, "I feel a sincere regard for Mr. Adams."
         Sometime in the fifties Mr. Adams left the ministry and became a very successful inventor, his home then being in Philadelphia. He died suddenly of apoplexy at Charlotte, North Carolina, September 21, 1881.


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