The Rev. Abram Newkirk Littlejohn followed Mr. Adams as rector on Jan. 20, 1850 and he, too, stayed only a short time, in all about nineteen months.
         Dr. Manton Eastburn was Bishop of Massachusetts at that time. "The Bishop, it should be said, was a staunch defender of the principles of the Evangelical School." It is instructive to read what this Bishop wrote concerning Mr. Littlejohn, when he was a candidate for rector of Christ Church. He said he did not know the man personally, or ever heard naught against him, but, he went on to say, "I hope your parish are quite sure about Mr. Littlejohn's soundness of sentiments a good many of the Connecticut Clergy have been strong Tractarians, and others have leaned very much to ultra views . . . . We want sound scriptural and moderate views." Thus the great Tractarian Movement of far off England brushed ever so lightly Christ Church, Springfield.
         Mr. Littlejohn was born in Florida, Montgomery County, New York, December 13, 1824. During his diaconate he was in charge of St. Ann's church, Amsterdam, New York, and of St. Anthony's church, Meridan, Connecticut. As priest, his first parish was Christ Church. In 1855, he received the degree of D.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, and in 1880, the degree of LL.D. from the University of Cambridge, England.
         Mr. Littlejohn found that Christ Church was in a flourishing condition, and that the congregation had outgrown the seating capacity of the building. A Committee on Enlarging the Church was formed and reported, April 21, 1851, that during the year just closed the Parish treasury had $500.00 above


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