vigorous and successful administrator of the parish, a staunch churchman, a strong preacher, and a genial and sympathetic pastor. I was always made very welcome at the rectory where the home life was delightful. We can further recall Dr. Burgess's character and love for his people by quoting a part of a carefully preserved letter, written by himself.
         " . . . . From my old Parish, and its field of present age influences and very rich promise of the future, I part with great reluctance." It was a cherished hope of Dr. Burgess that Christ Church might some day be made a Cathedral.
         "Bishop Burgess published a memoir of his brother, the first bishop of Maine (1869); also sermons, addresses, etc., with Sunday School question-books, carols and hymns, . . . . He was a contributor, also to periodical church literature.
         Bishop Alexander Burgess died in Vermont, October 8, 1901.


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