debt which had grown to be $43,000. The old property, sold at auction, brought $15,000. Another $15,000 was given by members of the parish, and the remaining $13,000 was provided by the assurance of a generous legacy. In 1885 the new organ was given . . . . In 1887, while the parish was making ready to build the much-needed parish house, there was imminent danger of an unsightly building to the south of the Church. The parish house plans were pushed aside, and parishioners, high-minded citizens outside the parish, and the city government co-operated to buy Merrick Park and give it to the city forever . . . . In 1888 the parish house was finished with a debt of $14,000 which was paid at length by the gift of an invalid, William Jones . . . . In 1891, $10,000 was given to build a suitable chapel for St. Peter's . . . . In 1900 there was still a debt of $14,000 on Christ Church, but with another heroic effort, . . . . it was paid. On October 10,1900, Bishop Lawrence came to consecrate the Church and to preach one of the notable sermons of Western Massachusetts; for with conviction and charity he explained to representatives of the congregation, of officers of the city, and of other Christian organizations the place which the old church of the founder of Springfield, William Pynchon, had for the New England of our day. People who recall the services of Christ Church for many years, recall this service as the climax of joy and praise; and so it should have been, for in it our Church was offered as a glad gift for all who will use it in all the days to come."
         Mr. Brooks knew two other conspicuously happy events. On December 1, 1888 was celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Parish. In 1903, the members of Christ Church joyously celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of Mr. Brooks' coming as rector.
         In 1886 the first assistant minister under Mr. Brooks was elected, Rev. Daniel Dulany Addison. His successors were the Rev. Messrs. Newton Black, William Edward Hayes, Edward Lincoln Atkinson, James De Wolfe Perry, Jr., James Clement Sharp, Edmund Janes Cleveland, Donald Nelson Alexander.


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