interests of Christ Church. This made the decision imperative." After a season of complete rest, Mr. Smith assumed the editorship of The Churchman. In recognition of his success in this field the Episcopal Theological School, Cambridge conferred upon him the honorary degree of D.D.
         On September 27, 1922, Dr. Smith succumbed to the disease, from which he had been a patient sufferer, for over twenty-five years. A simple funeral service was held in Grace Church, New York.
         Through the pages of The Churchman, and leading newspapers; high tribute was paid to his strong personality, his missionary spirit, his scholarly attainments, and many other fine characteristics of this many-sided great man,—by clergymen of his own and other churches, by nurses, physicians, The Churchman staff, laymen, scholars, and many in humble walks of life. Dr. Slattery said of his dear friend, Dr. Smith: "In a letter which he wrote me when he thought the end was near, to be opened after the mystery we call death, he said:
         "You know the controversial spirit that has come out in my Churchman work is not really me. I have never preached that way. I really am a pastor.
         I think it might help some young fellows who break down early in their ministry to know that twenty years ago a London specialist advised me to give up the active ministry. I took St. Paul's, Milwaukee, instead. My ministry has probably been just as useful as it would have been had I had strong health. It has been a disappointment to refuse some of the places that have been offered to me, but I think it has been for the best."
         Somewhere today, I believe, the Lord God is telling this man that he has fought a good fight and has gained a great victory."
         In the early part of 1925, Bishop Slattery wrote a sympathetic and revealing biographical sketch of Dr. William Austin Smith as a prelude to certain sermons and articles published in the Atlantic Monthly, that Dr. Smith wished so grouped and published after his death, primarily for his children.


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