short time until the brothers in 1887 entered Lawrence Scientific School and were enrolled as Seniors at Harvard in 1889. In 1890 Edward entered the Episcopal Theological School at Cambridge. During his last year there he was called to be the assistant of the Rev. John Cotton Brooks at Christ Church. For the rest of the year he came to Springfield nearly every Sunday to give what help he could as layman. As soon as his work at Cambridge was over he came to Springfield where his work with boys and young men will long be remembered. His twin brother became principal of the Springfield High School in 1894; so the two were here together. In 1895 he went to the Church of the Ascension in Boston, where he did much in building up the Parish and its work. Death came by drowning in Boot Pond on August 1, 1902, where he had gone to visit the boys' camp maintained there by Emmanuel Church. This camp was in charge of one of his old Springfield boys, Allen Rice, now a physician in Springfield. Mr. Atkinson was mourned by all who had come in contact with him, for he was a friend of all. There is a tablet to his memory in Christ Church.


         The Rt. Rev. James DeWoIf Perry, Jr., Bishop of Rhode Island since 1911, was born in Germantown, Pa., in 1871. He studied at the University of Pennsylvania and at Harvard, taking degrees at each, and later at the Theological School. He came to Christ Church in 1895 as deacon, but very soon after was ordained priest in order that he might become minister in charge during the absence of the Rev. John Cotton Brooks. His effective work in Christ Church, where he stayed until 1897, will long be remembered. From Springfield he went to Fitchburg as rector of Christ Church and from there to St. Paul's Church, New Haven, Conn., where he remained until he was consecrated Bishop.


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