The Rev. Mr. Alexander will always have the gratitude of the parishioners for his devoted work for boys. Many a young man of today attributes his loyalty to the Church to the hold on him during the early years of his youth maintained through the efforts of this successful leader of boys. Mr. Alexander remained in the parish so long and acted in the capacity of minister-in-charge so acceptably that parishioners of this city still think of him as having been a true pastor.
         Since 1915 he has been rector of St. Mark's Church in Leominster, Mass., and of St. John's Church in Worcester, Mass., which position he still holds as successor to the Rev. Walton S. Danker who gave his life when chaplain in the world war.

1908-1910; 1913-1915

         During the interim between the periods when the Rev. Alfred DeForest Snively was assistant, first, under the Rev. Dr. Slattery, secondly, under the Rev. Wm. Austin Smith, he was occupied in missionary work in Wyoming. While he was in Christ Church much of his time was occupied in conducting the mission of St. John's at the North End. After leaving Christ Church the second time he became Rector of St. Philip's Church, Easthampton, Mass., and is now engaged as Diocesan Missionary of Western Massachusetts. During the war, 1917-1919 he served in France as a first lieutenant of the United States Infantry, with the 301st Ammunition Train, 76th Division. Upon his return he resumed his work in the diocese. He is now minister-in-charge of Grace Church, Chicopee, Massachusetts.

         The Rev. Hugh Wallace Smith, who is now rector of Trinity Church, Melrose, graduated from Berkeley Divinity School in 1909. He was in Christ Church 1910-1911, leaving to become curate of St. John's Church, Stamford, Conn.


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