work in his intimate relations with the men in the trenches and in the army of occupation. He is remembered for his strong personality and for the thoroughness and zeal with which he performed his work. His call to a larger field was not a surprise to those who knew him. He left Christ Church in 1921 to become Dean of St. Luke's Cathedral in Portland, Maine. In 1926, he became rector of St. Paul's Church in Stockbridge, Mass., and minister-in-charge of St. George's Mission in South Lee Mass.


         The Rev. Benjamin Louis Ramsay, while associated with the Rev. Mr. McGann, was director of the Church School. His interest in children and young people was further shown by the fact that he was a member of the Diocesan Board of Religious Education, as well as by the fact that he was very successful in his connection with the Young Peoples' Fellowship. He resigned from his work in Christ Church in June, 1926 to become Rector of St. Peter's Church, Mountain Lakes, N.J.


         The Rev. William Emery Soule gave a portion of his time to the work of Christ Church. He was the successful editor of "The Chronicle". The remainder of his time was divided between the supervision of the missions of the Church of the Good Shepherd, West Springfield and St. Andrew's Mission, Longmeadow.
         Mr. Soule resigned in 1923, but is still active in the work of the parish. His musical ability has been helpful to Christ Church during the summer when he plays the organ in addition to conducting the service and preaching.
         His services are often called upon throughout the diocese.


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