Chaplain of the United Stales Debarkation Hospital, New York City in 1918; then rector of St. Peter's Church, Jamaica Plains, 1919-1922. From 1922 he has been rector of St. Paul's Church, North Andover.
         He is the son of the late reverend Senior Warden of Christ Church, Mr. Edmund P. Kendrick Mr. and Mrs. Kendrick were conscientiously and closely identified with Christ Church since the rectorship of Dr. McKnight.


         The Rev. Sumner Jerome Brown was born in Springfield, October 26, 1899. He was graduated from the Central High School in 1914, from Amherst College in 1918, and from the Episcopal Theological School in 1925. He was made deacon by Bishop Slattery in St. John's Chapel, Cambridge, being a candidate from the Church of Our Savior, Longwood. He was ordained priest by Bishop William P. Remington at St. Peter's Church, La Grande, Oregon. His year and one half in the ministry have been spent as missionary-in-charge of St. John's Church, Prairie City, and St. Thomas Church, Canyon City, Oregon. On September 9, 1925 he was married to Miss Eunice Helena Clark of Springfield. Mr. Brown is the son of Mrs. Annie H. Brown, who was a conscientious and faithful member of the Clerical Staff of Christ Church for about eight years.


         George Taylor was born in Hazardville, November 9, 1903. He was a choir boy and a member of the Church School of Christ Church. He was graduated at the Central High School and at Springfield College, and then taught in the Public Schools here. He is now studying for the ministry at Yale Divinity School.


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