house covers 62 x 40 feet. The front door will be in the middle of the Chestnut Street side. Entering one will find a loggia (14 x 15) and a reception room (15 x 15) on the left, and on the right a large study (30 x 17) lined with shelves, groups of windows on the south an west sides, and a generous fireplace. The dining room (22 x 16) will look toward the Church and will catch the morning sun. The kitchen and pantries will be toward the Parish House. Upstairs will be four bedrooms, bathrooms, sewing room and comfortable servant's quarters. The third floor will be unfurnished at present." Dr. Slattery and his mother were the first to live in this-Christ Church's third rectory. Mrs. Slattery, as the wife of a clergyman and until her death, (March 5, 1921.) the loving devoted companion of her unmarried son had graced the rooms of Church rectories with her gentle presence, for more than fifty years. Mr. and Mrs. Smith and their three children were the next to come. A daughter was born, lived about a year and died there. Mr. and Mrs. McGann and their two children lived in the rectory for about eight years, then removed to a smaller house.
         "In the middle of November (1924) the Diocesan Offices were moved from the Carr Building, 25 Harrison Avenue, Springfield, to Christ Church Rectory, 37 Chestnut Street, where they occupy the whole of the second floor . . . Every day at noon prayers and intercessions are said in the Board Room, at which brief service everyone is welcome." On the lower floor are an office for the Rector and rooms for the classes of the Primary Church School. — S.H.F.


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