adherents saw the Parish House completed in 1888. The upper floor of this building, once the Chapel, is now used as a lecture room and for some of the classes of the Church School. It has been used, too, since Mr. Brooks' day for the services of the Deaf-Mutes, under the direction of the Rev. George E. Hefflon. There is here a large case, filled with a splendid collection of books on Missionary subjects. At the rear is the Supply Room of the Church School,—and at the head of the stairs at the right is an office for the clergy. The main floor is used for Parish Meetings. Here, too, is found the Music Room. On the walls of the front room are a series of pictures given by the family of the late Mr. Samuel Bowles 2nd, in memory of Miss Althea Easter, for many years a devoted, beloved companion of Mrs. Bowles. The pictures include a copy of a Murillo, a Boticelli and three Raphaels. Besides these memorials there is a cast "Madonna and Child" by Majano and a picture "Joan of Arc" by a modern painter, Zarakilli, donors unknown. There is in this room, too, a bronze reproduction of Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper" by an unknown artist, given by Miss Louise Morris. This was brought from Florence, Italy. There is one like it in the Vatican Gallery in Rome. There is a piano on this floor, and one in the basement, and a pipe organ on the upper floor. When the old rectory was torn down, the Parish House was turned one quarter around, and an entrance made on the Chestnut Street side. Before that time, it was a detached building, its entrance being on the southerly side,— a walk leading to it, between the church and the rectory. This entrance has been closed and an office made there for the church treasurer. On this floor are two other offices for the clergy. The Rector's office was furnished by Christ Church Guild. On its walls are hanging the portraits of some of the former rectors, wardens and vestrymen. This group of pictures is part of a collection begun by Dr. Slattery, while he was rector of Christ Church. He added to it, an autograph letter from Bishop Alexander Burgess.


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