Church. In spaces in the pulpit between the niches are carved the shields associated with the men; next St. Paul, the shield bearing his symbols, the sword and the book; next St. Chrysostom, the shield of Constantinople of which he was patriarch; next Savonarola, the shield of Florence; next Latimer, the seal of his bishopric, the English Worcester; and next Bishop Brooks the present seal of the Diocese of Massachusetts. Under the figures is carved the text: "We preach not ourselves but Jesus Christ the Lord, and ourselves your servants for Jesus sake." The newels are carved with the thistle and the rise to signify that we have received the primitive gospel of Christ through the Church of England and Scotland. The panels of the staircase are carved with the grape vine and pomegranate, very ancient ecclesiastical ornaments. On the panel connecting the pulpit with the canopy is a cross surrounded with shields bearing the Iota, Eta, Sigma, the Chi Rho, and Alpha and Omega, the ancient symbols of the name of our Savior. The lamp, the prayer book, the Hymnal and the Bible are special gifts. The inscription on the pulpit reads "In Gratitide to God, this Pulpit is a Sacred Memorial to John Cotton Brooks, Rector of Christ Church from A. D. MDCCCLXXVIII to A. D. MCMVII." On the desk is carved the collect for the nineteenth Sunday after Trinity."
         One Hymn Board was presented by Mrs. Edmund P. Kendrick, at the time when the Pulpit was put in place. As this could not be seen clearly from all parts of the building, Christ Church Guild presented the one near the north transept.—S.H.F.


         The Litany Desk, made by Irving and Casson, was presented to Christ Church by Mr. Henry H. Skinner. Its graceful outline is accented by the beautifully carved figures of St. Peter with the Key, and of St. Paul with the Sword.—S.H.F.


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