Mary J. Baldwin widow of James A. Baldwin who for the twenty years preceding his death had been a vestry man and a warden of Christ Church, died April 30, 1897 leaving her residuary estate to Christ Church "the income of which to be forever used by said Church for the promotion and continuance of religious worship instruction and work of said Church."
         Francis Norton and Edmund P. Kendrick, then Wardens of Christ Church were executors of her estate and became the first Trustees of the Baldwin Fund under the resolution of the Vestry appointing the then Wardens and "their successors in office as trustees of the fund. They were followed from 1902 to 1922 inclusive by Edmund P. Kendrick and William C. Simons and Henry H. Skinner, and from April 1923 to April 1926 by William C. Simons and Stanhope E. Blunt. Since April 1926, by William C. Simons and Henry M. Morgan.
         As first received the estate comprised certain bonds, stocks and savings bank deposits valued at $14,683.04 bearing dividends and interest to the annual amount of about $680.00 and real estate in Providence, R. I.. which was leased for a long term at $1100.00 per year, giving a total income of $1780.00.
         In 1924 the Providence real estate was sold for $40,000 and the proceeds invested in bonds bearing an annual income of $2,305.00. In 1925 the Supreme Court rendered a decision confirming the heirs at law of Joseph Ashley (father of Mary J. Baldwin) the title in certain other real estate in Providence


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