The Church Journal, November 5, 1874.
         The Churchman, November 7, 1874.
         The Spirit of Missions, Sept. 1874.
         Springfield Daily Union November 7 and 9, 1874.
         Springfield Republican November 9 and 10, 1874.
         Annual Report of the City Library Association for
             the City of Springfield for 1874.
         The Office used at the laying of the Corner Stone
             November 10, 1874.
         Specifications for building the New Church with names
             of architects, contractors and builders.
         Invitations on Postal Cards sent for the laying of the
             Corner Stone, November 10, 1874.
         United States Coins.
         Manuscript; a brief history of the Parish from
             November 29, 1863 to date, with a list of the officers
             of the Parish for 1874. The Executive Committee
             and Building Committee and date of the death of
             Rt. Rec. Henry W. Lee of Iowa Spetember 26, 1874.


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