It shall be the duty of the Collector to collect all pew rents and all other moneys which shall be due the Parish from time to time, and as collected he shall pay the same to the Treasurer. He shall make a full report at the Annual Meeting of the Parish of all moneys collected by him during the year. He shall give bonds, whenever requested by the vestry, for the faithful performance of his duties.


It shall be the duty of the Clerk to keep the records of the Parish and of the Vestry, and also to keep a roll of the members of the Parish entitles to vote in its affairs.


The Vestry shall constitute the Standing Committee of the Parish, and exercise all the powers thereof in accordance with the usage and discipline of the Protestant Episcopal Church and in compliance with the Statutes of the Commonwealth. It shall be the duty of the Vestry to manage the prudential affairs, and to care for the property of the Parish; to supervise and direct the officers, except the Rector, in the discharge of their duties, and to audit the accounts of the Treasurer and Collector. Their records shall be open to the examination of members of the Parish at its meetings. Meetings of the Vestry may be called by the Rector, either of the Wardens, or any three members of the vestry, but the Vestry may appoint stated meetings and determine the manner of notifying their meetings. The Rector when present, shall preside. Five members present shall constitute a quorum except at a meeting for the election of a Rector. At such a meeting, two-thirds of the Vestry shall be present.


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