List of Books in City Library for Those Interested in Christ Church History

Ministers of Christ, Titus Strong
The Rt. Rev. Alexander F. Griswold, Henry W. Lee
History of Christ Church, George H. McKnight
Major-General James Barnes
Consecration of Christ Church
, William Lawrence, John Cotton Brooks
Anniversary Sermon, John Cotton Brooks
The Episcopalians, Daniel Dulany Addison
The Clergy in American Life and Letters
Edward Lincoln Atkinson
, Charles Lewis Slattery
Seventy Years
The Rt. Rev. Alexander H. Vinton, D. D.
, Donald N. Alexander, Charles E. Hill, C. Morton Murray
John Cotton Brooks, James Clement Sharp
St. James Parish, John B. Whiteman

Conn. Valley History Papers:

Old Springfield in England, Mary L. Dunbar
Old State Street, Frank G. Tobey


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