First Picture of the Orpheus Cub

First Picture of the Orpheus Club

Top row from left to right — Charles R. Ladd, H.A. Chapin, J.W. Kirkham, Albert Holt, Fred W. Ley, Edmund Hirst.
Second row (from top) left to right — A.J. Rand, W.S. Bacon, W.T. Seeger, William G. White, George R. Bond, Frank D. Foot, Charles Mulcahey.
Third row (from top) left to right — Edward Morris, J.C. Ingersoll, Herman Buchholz, George B. Holbrook, Thomas H. Stock, O.H. Perry, Edmund Bigelow.
First row left to right — Henry F. Trask, E.P. Bartholomew, Alpheus Rice, Louis Coenen, James D. Safford, Oscar B. Ireland, W.H. King.


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