The following patrons, friends, and former members of the Orpheus Club have made this books possible by their generous contributions.

Adaskin Furniture Co.
Blodgetts Music Store
Carlisle Hardware Co.
Commercail Trust Co.
Forbes & Wallace (Department Store)
Gibb's Piano Co.
Genack's Boot Shop
J.G. Heidner & Son, Inc. (Pianos)
Charles L. Hoyt (Furrier)
Edward J. Kinney (Musical Merchandise)
Meekins, Packard & Wheat, Inc.
      (Dept. Store)
L.M. Pierce Co. (Pianos)
Scott's Laundry
Seybolt & Seybolt (Brokers)
Albert Steiger (Department Store)
T.F. Sheehan (Florist)
M. Steinert & Sons (Pianos)
True Bros. (Jewelers)
234 Main St.
27 Harrison Avenue
326 Main St.
266 Main St.
390 Main St.
181 Dwight St.
249 Bridge St.
482 Main St.
508 Main St.
242 Worthington St.

349 Main St.
305 Bridge St.
333 Bridge St.
387 Main St.
345 Main St.
136 State St.
424 Main St.
408 Main St.

E. Milton Allis
Mrs. Harriet B.H. Bacon
Edmund Bigelow
John J. Bishop
Harry L. Bradley
Oscar Buchholz
Milton F. Buell
Louis J. Chandler
Mrs. Susie B. Chapin
Robert A. Clark
Edward C. Cowles
Ralph P. Cunningham
Francis D. Foot
Sanford D. Foot
Norman N. Fowler
W.C. French
Hon. Frederick H. Gillett
Clinton Gowdey
Edson P. Hadley
Mrs. Geo. B. Holbrook
George M. Holbrook
Warner R. Holt
James C. Ingersoll
Mrs. Jeannie G. Ireland
Herman Isenburg
Edward L. Janes
Henry R. Johnson
Harry H. Kellogg
John J. Kennedy
James W. Kirkham
Fred T. Ley
James Leyden
William May
William B. Medlicott
Albert K. Potter
John W. Roberts
George E. Robinson
William B. Sleigh
William C. Taylor
Harris B. Waite
Fred L. Ward
H.R. Wilson
Henry T. Wood

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