History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

Literary Institute, Suffield, Conn., for five years, and the Worcester Academy in 1849, remaining four years. He was classical teacher of Peirce Academy, Middleboro, Mass., from 1853 until 1863, when he removed to this city and became proprietor and principal of the Springfield English and Classical Institute, on West Court street, and remained until its close in 1883. His success in all of the above positions was fully assured. Mr. Burnett now resides in West Springfield, Mass.
        Samuel S. Greene, a native of Belchertown, Mass., was superintendent of the schools in 1840-42, at a salary of $900 per annum. He graduated at Brown University in 1837. He was instructor in the English High School of Boston in 1842-49, superintendent of the public schools in Providence, R. I., in 1851-1855, and professor at Brown University from 1855-64. He died January 24, 1883, aged 73.

"Ridentem dicere verum, quid vetat?"

        One of the "boys," an esteemed citizen and successful merchant residing in Michigan, contributes the following, which has the "Ring" to it with no "uncertain sound": "In 1835 I entered the High School, under the tuition of Mr. Vaille. He was a noble gentleman, and, withal, lovable, except to evil doers. He had a faculty of taking kinks out of boys, and took several out of the writer. I hailed from the I upper Water Shops' and was one of some ten or twelve who trailed through much and snow from the 'upper' and 'middle Water Shops' to the High School. We had room enough for travel in those days, there being but six or seven houses on Central street between my father's house (corner of Central and Hancock streets) and the top of 'Sterns Hill.' We made our own path in the snow and on our return at night found it much the same as we left it in the morning. We usually crossed the now beautiful cemetery grounds, near the western entrance, on the dam of Hill & Winship, who were manufacturers of

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