History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

        JOHN F. PRATT. — Was a blacksmith. He died at Bellefonte, Penn., Sept. 4, 1860, aged 33.

        DANIEL FERRE, Springfield, Mass. — Was an engineer on Boston & Albany Railroad. He was killed by accident on the road.

        GEORGE E. OSBORN, Springfield, Mass. — Died Dec. 7, 1834, aged 18.

        J. HUBBARD CLARK, Springfield, Mass. — A miller.

        AMAZIAH S. WARNER, Springfield, Mass. — Went to Philadelphia, Penn., in 1836, to learn the machinist's trade. Was employed at the U. S. Armory about six years. In 1862 was engaged in the manufacture of cartridges with Capt. H. C. Lombard. He is now employed at his trade.

        JAMES SWAN, JR. — He was a native of Philadelphia, Penn. He graduated at the medical college, Pittsfield, Mass., in 1846, and succeeded to his fathers practice in Springfield, Mass., after his death, the same year. Owing to his consumptive nature he was compelled to seek a warmer climate. He went to Florida, thence to San Francisco, Cal., where he died Feb. 8, 1851, aged 25 years and 10 months.

        JAMES E. RUSSELL, Springfield, Mass. — Was with Professor Twining, who made the survey for the railroad to Hartford from this city in 1838. Was clerk in the post office four years under Albert Morgan, postmaster, and postal clerk between Boston and Albany in 1843. Was appointed conductor by Superintendent James Barnes of the Western, now the Boston & Albany, Railroad in 1846. Retired from the railroad service in 1857. At one time was proprietor of the American House, which stood where the Boston & Albany granite building now is. Since 1858 has been the efficient register of deeds for Hampden county, and is vice-president and trustee of the Five Cents Savings Bank.

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