Interesting Pictures of Old Westfield,
About 1840

Ye Olde Westfield Green

Ye Olde Westfield Green
About 1841

North of the Green

North of the Green
From an Old Print

Many changes have taken place on the square since this picture was drawn; the old academy with its fence shown on the right has disappeared, as has the small building next following. THe cupola has been removed from the town hall; and the wooden meeting house was moved back to make room for the present brick church of the First Congregational Society. In the middle distance is shown the pillared front of the Hampden National Bank, as first built. Next on the left was the wooden building on the site of the present Elm Park block. The wooden fence around the park has been removed. On the left is shown the tower of the old Baptist church, corner of Elm and Church streets, the building now being used for mercantile purposes. At the left is shown the house that stood about where the Commercial building or old post office is located. The park elms were in the sapling stage at that time.

The Hampden Bank, at the left, was built in 1825. To the right is shown Arnold's store and the old town pump near Gad Palmer's Inn. The inn was well known in the early part of the last century, and was so clean, so neat, the table and bed linen so white, the parlors so pleasant, the table so spread with a very few dishes, shining like polished ivory, and the food upon them so perfectly cooked and flavored, such an air of quiet and repose all about the premises, no noise, no tumult, no carousing, no swearing, — it realized, in its full perfection, the idea of "a traveler's home."

Westfield Green is 42 7 1/2 degrees north latitude, 71  45 degrees west longitude, and is about 140 feet above sea level. The town of Westfield covers fifty-six square miles and is of great interest to the geologist.

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