Monday, September 1, 1919

During the mornings of September 1, 2, and 3, automobiles will be provided under the direction of the Committee on Transportation to carry visitors to places of historic interest about Westfield.


Ye Pageant of Westfield

Presented at

Wolf Pit Meadows

Wolf Pit Meadows

Executive Board

Mrs. Patty Lee Waterman Clark, Chairman

Mr. William K. Buschmann
Mrs. Grace Dillon Doherty
Mrs. Harriot Dyson Ely
Mrs. Elizabeth Bush Fowler
Mr. Edgar Lathrop Gillett
Mr. Edwin Bancroft Hedges
Mrs. Mary Meyers Parker
Mrs. Frances Abbott Sackett
Rev. Robert Keating Smith
Miss Catherine E. Veasy
Mrs. Eva Phelps Wright

Historical Censors

Mr. Louis M. Dewey
Mr. Frank Grant
Mr. James C. Greenough
Rev. John H. Lockwood
Mr. Lucius F. Thayer
Mrs. Maria Mosely Whitney


Mr. Harry E. Munsey for the John B., Rogers Producing Company, Fostoria, Ohio.


Mrs. Grace Dillon Doherty, Chairman
Mrs. Helen Goodell Hull, Vice-Chairman
Mrs. Cornelius Atwater
Mrs. E. D. Avery
Mrs. J. W. Benjamin
Mrs. Henry E. Bolton
Mrs. Eugene Brisette
Miss Carrie Campbell
Mrs. Francis Caouette
Mrs.Orville C. Carpenter
Mrs. William J. Chapman
Mrs. George W. Clapp
Mrs. George W. Collier
Mrs. G. W. Deming
Mrs. Frank H. Dorman
Mrs. Frederick N. Ferry
Mrs. Esther Hays
Mrs. Sadie Knox
Mrs. J. Edward Mesick
Mrs. Harry S. Miller
Mrs. A. F. Osborne
Mrs. Collins Pomeroy
Mrs. F. A. Phelps
Mrs. C. K. Prince
Mrs. E. J. Robertson
Mrs. Herbert O. Sanford
Mrs. Fred Schmidt
Mrs. Robert J. Tubbs
Mrs. Mary Twining


Mr. William K. Buschmann, Chairman
Miss Mary Lyman, Vic-Chairman

Mr. Charles Avery
Mr. Harris B. Moulton

Pageant Grounds

Mr. Edgar L. Gillett, Chairman
Mr. William K. Buschmann, Vice-Chairman
Mr. Robert B. Hedges, Vice-Chairman
Rev. Robert Keating Smith, Vice-Chairman
Mr. James W. Hagar
Mr. George Jachym
Mr. John K. Kirwin
Mr. T. T. Logie
Mr. George W. Loomis
Mr. David Moseley
Mr. Frederick L. Parker
Mr. Ralph Prince
Mr. Charles Rehor
Mr. George W. Roraback, Jr.


Mrs. Mary Myers, Chairman
Mr. C. K. Prince, Vice-Chairman

Miss Anna Clark
Mrs. Arthur H. Kernan
Mrs. Lewis C. Parker
Miss Susan Russell
Mrs. George A. Upson


Mr. Edwin B. Hedges, Chairman
Mr. E. R. Hawley, Vice-Chairman
Mr. Luther Allen
Rev. W. S. Ayers
Miss Lena Bartlett
Miss Alice Brown
Miss Mary Furber
Mr. Rudolph Kratochvil
Miss Ida Lyons
Mr. Clarence Miller
Mrs. Harld Moore
Miss Elizabeth Winslow
Mrs. J. Freeman Wood


Mrs. Harriet Dyson Ely, Chairman
Mr. Edward G. Clark, Vice-Chairman

Mr. Harry Bailey
Mrs. Roger Butler
Mr. Hempstead Castle
Mr. Roy Chambers
Mr. Thomas R. Cooley
Mr. Chambers Dewey
Mr. H. C. Lane
Mr. Arthur Long
Mrs. J. Wells Loomis
Mr. Mather Mosely
Mr. F. J. Tooke
Mr. B. C. Wolcott


Mrs. Frances Abbott Sackett, Chairman
Rev. Robert Keating Smith, Vice-Chairman
Miss Catherine Veasy, Vice-Chairman
Mrs. Eva Phelps Wright, Vice-Chairman

Mr. William Ahern
Miss Ida Ashley
Miss Helen Austin
Mrs. W. S. Ayers
Mrs. C. H. Beals
Mr. Donald Bridgman
Mrs. Edward Carroll
Mrs. Miles D. Chisholm
Mrs. Donald Clark
Mrs. George Clark
Miss Della Couse
Mrs. Frank Cowles
Mrs. Edward Crotty
Mrs. William P. Dougherty
Mr. Charles F. Ely
Mres. Leland Gilman
Mrs. Frederic Goodwin
Mrs. Edwin B. Hedges
Mrs. John Hibbs
Mrs. Charles Hickson
Mrs. Robert Hollister
Mrs. John L. Hyde
Mrs. Charles J. Iles
Mrs. George H. Janes
Mrs. Louis Keefe
Miss Mildred Kobera
Mr. H. C. Lane
Miss Mary Long
Mrs. Dennison Loomis
Mrs. Peter Malone
Mrs. James McCarthy
Mr. Robert McMahon
Mrs. Howard Noble
Mrs. Morris Pomerantz
Mrs. George Pratt
Mrs. Burton Prince
Miss Mildred Rehor
Mr. James G. Rivers
Mrs. James G. Rivers
Mrs. A. D. Robinson
Mrs. Frederick H. Scott
Mrs. Frederick F. Shepard
Mrs. Matthew W. Shine
Mrs. Harriet Strong
Mrs. Henry G. Taylor
Mrs. Michael Wholean
Mrs. C. B. Wilson


Mrs. Elizabeth Bush Fowler, Chairman
Mr. George E. Robinson, Vice-Chairman

Mrs. Chester H. Abbe
Mrs. S. A. Allen
Mrs. Lewis B. Allyn
Mrs. Collins Atwater
Mrs. Charles H. Bartlett
Mrs. James H. Clark
Mrs. D. M. Cole
Mrs. Charles Cooley
Mrs. Harry Cowles
Mrs. J. M. Dutton
Mr. E. T. Fowler
Mr. Darwin Gillett
Mrs. Darwin Gillett
Miss Lucy D. Gillett
Mrs. James Hagar
Mrs. E. H. Hawley
Miss Elizabeth Hooker
Mrs. George Hubbard
Mrs. Harry Ives
Miss Mary Kasper
Mrs. Joseph Kenyon
Mrs. Robert Lane
Mrs. Lillie L. Lilley
Mrs. harry Lozier
Mrs. Richard J. Morrissey
Mrs. Harold Moseley
Mrs. Robert Parker
Mrs. Oren Parks
Mrs. Helen Sadowski
Mrs. Edwin W. Smith
Mrs. James Taylor
Miss Mary Thayer
Mrs. Charles Warren

Monday Evening — Old Home Night

7:30 P.M.

Band concerts at Half Mile Falls Park (Depot Square) and Westfield Green by the 104th Regiment Band and Short's Band.

All residents of Westfield are expected to keep open house on this evening, with windows lighted, and doors hospitably open, in order that visitors and former residents who may be in attendance may call with the certainty of finding old friends at home to welcome them. Some members at least of each family should remain at home during the evening.

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