Community Day

Tuesday, September 2, 1919

Community Picnic Committee

G. E. Austin, Chairman

Committee on Picnic

H. C. Lane, Chairman
Howard Allen
Albert Bahleda
T. R. Brien
W. J. Chapman
C. H. Cooley, Jr.
Harry A. Cowles
R. E. Doherty
Tony Fresco
J. W. Hagar
M. B. Harding
L. E. Hollister
C. J. Iles
John J. Hearb
Joseph Kvitsky
J. R. Jeffers
Peter Jensen
Robert P. Lane
W. B. Loomis
Emil Motak
J. C. Taylor
C. B. Warren

Committee on Entertainment Frederick Goodwin, Chairman
Miss Florence Barker
Miss Bessie Carroll
Geo. T. Chapman
Miss Nan Chapman
Thos. R. Cooley
Miss Helena Ensign
A. L. Finlay
D. L. Gillett
H. W. Gladwin
L. D. Harden
E. R. Hawley
Miss Mary Kaspar
Miss Mary Long
Miss Ida M. Lyons
Miss Florence Mahoney
Dr. R. M. Marr
Fred C. Parker
Mrs. Burton Prince
Miss Mildred Rehor
Ray M. Sanford
C. G. Smith
Miss Catherine Wesson

Committee on Parking of Automobiles
G. Fred Dill, Chairman
H. F. Bailey
L. C. Coburn
D. H. Comstock
G. F. Marcoulier
R. S. Miller
L. O. Peck
Silas Pomeroy
E. S. Rockwood
J. H. Wittemore

Committee on Reception
Charles H. Bartlett, Chairman
Mrs. L. B. Allyn
Mrs. G. E. Austin
Mrs. Donald Bridgman
Hilda Brace
Homer E. Bush
Alice Cadwell
D. M. Cole
Mrs. C. H. Cooley, Jr.
B. A. Edgar
Mrs. B. A. Edgar
C. F. Ensworth
Katherine Fowler
H. M. Gowdy
Mrs. L. D. Harden
Ruth Harden
Mrs. J. Hibbs
C. A. Hickson
Mrs. C. E. Holmes
Mrs. Edward Hull
Mrs. Frederick Hull
Mrs. J. A. Kenyon
L. L. Keefe
Mrs. H. W. Kittredge
Mrs. Robert M. Marr
Miss Vesta Mitchell
A. G. Norton
H. G. Noble
Rachel Packard
Oren E. Parks
Ellene Porter
Mrs. C. K. Prince
Mrs. James Rivers
Miss Romaine Roman
Helen Sanderson
F. P. Searle
Mrs. F. F. Shepard
Mrs. M. W. Shine
Chester D. Stiles
V. G. Willis
Elizabeth Winslow
Mrs. G. W. Winslow
Ruth Wood

12 M. - 2 P.M.

Community Picnic

Location, Crane Land east of Mill street and south of West Silver street. Entrance from Mill street.

This large lot, centrally located, provides ample space for the gathering of a large number of people. Ample parking space will be provided at one end of the lot for automobiles, which may be checked and will be under police protection.

Families and individuals are invited to assemble at noon, bringin baskets of provisions and arranging themselves in groups of families and friends. Numerous booths will be provided, where light lunches, franfurts, pop corn, candy, ice cream and soft drinks can be purchased. Bands will play during the luncheon hour.

A Reception committee will provide a Reception and Rest Tent, and its members will be of general assistance in directing people about the grounds, and promoting general convenience and pleasure.

An emergency Red Cross tent with a corps of nurses in attendance will be provided in case of accident or illness.

2 to 6 P.M.

Program of Sports, Folk Dancing, and Entertainment.

Baseball Game

Local Teams for Town Championship
Cash Prize

Basket Ball Game

Prize, Cup

Tugs of War

Smith Company Teams
North Side vs. South Side
Westfield Mfg. Co. vs. Foster Machine
Cash Prizes

Push Ball Contest

Two Select Teams
Cash Prize

Rack Events

Grammar School Pupils
Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grades
Two Class Entries

(A) Below 100 lbs. weight
(B) Over 100 lbs. weight

Two 100-yard dashes         Boys
Two 50-yard dashes         Boys
Two 50-yard dashes         Girls
Two Potato Races         Boys
Two Egg Races         Boys
Two Sack Races         Boys

Prizes, Selected Articles

Folk Dancing

3 - 4 P.M.

By groups of children from the Public Schools
Direction of Miss Mary Long

Community Singing

4 P.M.
Under direction of Mr. Frederic Goodwin

Tuesday Evening
Park Square

Park Square will be elaborately decorated under the direction of the committee on decorations, and illuminated with myriads of colored lights. THe pavement will be cleaned and the square roped off and closed to traffic.

7:30 P.M.
Band concerts by the 104th Regiment Band and Short's Band.

8:30 P.M.

Community Dancing on the Square

With music by the bands stationed at either end of Westfield Green.

Carnival hats will be provided by the committee in charge.

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