The 250th Anniversary Ode

Oh, Westfield on the Westfield! To thee our thoughts return,
Our loving thoughts, our grateful thoughts, for thee our pulses yearn.
From Alquat's years in Woronoke, from treamfield's early days,
Thy sons and daughters cherish thee, and joy to sing thy praise.

When the moon is shining brightly, how we long to steal away
To thy silver-flooded meadows, where the gentle breezes play!
How thy sunlit slopes are calling us to stand where once we stood,
How our hearts think till they're aching of they wild-flowers in the wood!

Thy hills whose rugged outlines are mingled with our dreams,
Thy winding moody river, fed by its crystal streams,
They plains beyond the valley, thy beautiful old trees,
Bring happy inspirations, and all thy prospects please.

The far-fames old Academy, the Atheneum's nooks,
Lent thee for generations the helpfulness of books.
Churches and schools, and industries of country-wide renown
Have made thee once, and make thee still, old Hampden's banner town.

Thou gavest of they dearest, whene'er the Nation called,
Not once or twice, but every time, by danger unappalled;
Thy women could not falter, thy men could never lag
In mercy and for justice, in hallowing the Flag.

From decade unto decade, from father unto son,
Increased thy fair inheritance of needful tasks well done;
Thus sturdily and ernestly thy inner life has grown,
Unarmed by want or riches, peculiarly thine own.

There's a Something indescribable, which, wander where we may,
Makes Westfield hearts cling close to thee. We call it Westfield's Way.
We feel thy homelike welcome, as back to thee we throng,
With memories most tender, with loyalty most strong!

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