Some Significant Dates in the History
of the Westfield Normal School.

1838. April 19: Act of the Legislature of Massachusetts establishing the Westfield Normal School (at Barre) approved.
1839. September 4: School opened at Barre.
1842. School at Barre temporarily closed.
1844. September 4: School re-opened at Westfield.
1846. September 3: Dedication of the new normal school building at Westfield.
1847. Set of Encyclopaedia Britannica presented to the school through Horace Mann by "a gentleman who prohibits the use of his name."
1850. Arnold Guyot gave a course of lectures at the school on "Physical Geography."
1852. The Students petitioned the State Board of Education to enlarge and extend the courses of study. "They enumerate," says the report of the Visitors, "most of the studies which are taught in our colleges."
1854. Horace Mann and Amasa Walker speakers at the fourth triennial of the Normal School Association.
1856. The normal school building remodeled.
1857. George William Cutis and J.G. Holland speakers at the fifth triennial.
1858. Adams Library organized by Sherman E. Adams, a student of the school.
1860. Normal school building enlarged by the addition of two wings.
1861. Birdsey Grant Northrup gave a course of lectures on "Mental Philosophy."
1862. Sanborn Tenney gave a course of lectures on "Natural History."
1863. William Russell gave a series of lessons and lectures on "Reading."
1864. "The old desks and chairs gave place to new and convenient furniture."
1866. Lowell Mason gave a series of lectures and lessons on "The Pestalozzian Method of teaching Music."
1869. Normal school enlarged by addition of a third story.
1874. The normal boarding hall, erected at a cost of $85,600, opened for use.
1892. The present normal school building is dedicated. Cost, $150,000.
1900. September 10: The present training school occupied. Cost, $45,000.
1903. September 10: Dickinson Hall opened for use. Cost, $65,000.
1906. Portraits of normal school principals placed in the school.

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