furniture of the Chapel was taken from its original setting and placed in some sort of order in another room and there used sometimes, until its final disposal a few years later.
         From 1824 to 1835 some of the Episcopalians attended services at the Methodist Church which formerly stood at the corner of Union and Mulberry Streets and contributed to its support. They were permitted to read their Church's liturgy there on Christmas and on other special Church days. Mr. Lee no doubt heard from the lips of those who knew those disheartening days that, during those years," one strong effort was put forth to build a house of worship. The Rev. Mr. Barlow officiated some weeks with encouraging hopes of success; butt his labors were, for reasons then very evident, discontinued."
         He said further: "In the long interval just alluded to, services were frequently held by clergymen residing in Hartford, Connecticut, particularly those connected with Washington College. Among those were the present Bishop of New Jersey, the Rev. Mr. Doane; also the Rev. Mr. Pinney, who has since left the ministry. The Rev. Samuel Fuller, now rector of Christ Church, Andover, Mass., officiated many times much to the satisfaction of the people, though he did not reside in the parish. The Rev. Joseph H. Price was here a few weeks, and also the Rev. James C. Richmond, both now officiating in New York city. I think it was while Mr. Richmond was here that an effort was made to raise funds to erect a church; but although a considerable sum was subscribed for the purpose, the project failed, partly, I believe, from want of union respecting the location; though other causes conspired to defeat the object. The Rev. Hector Humphreys, now Principal of St. John's College, Annapolis, officiated several weeks; — and for some months the Rev. Joseph Muenscher, then minister of St. John's Church, Northampton, held services every third Sunday, and did essential good to the interests of the church.
         It is not probable that I have names the various ministers who were here during the period embraced between the years 1822 and 1835, in the exact order in which they officiated,


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