deepest mourning at the President's death. Rev. Mr. McKnight preached from Colossians III, and during his discourse, alluded with touching solemnity to the sad event of the hour." A public funeral was later held in City Hall. Dr. J.G. Holland preached the sermon to a crowd that overflowed the building. Added to this, "all the churches were open at noon, and the attendance was uniformly large. In most cases the drapery was the same which was put up for last Sunday, but at the Episcopal and one or two other churches a much more elaborate and elegant display was made."
         After the war, Springfield continued to grow in numbers and prosperity. Many who had come here to work in the Armory, found our city so desirable, that they decided to make it their permanent abiding place, and church attendance grew apace.
         Dr. McKnight remained in Christ Church and contributed to its spiritual and material growth until 1869, when he accepted a call to become the rector of Trinity Church—the largest Episcopal Church in Elmira, New York. Three resolutions adopted by Christ Church at the time of his leaving, speak of the esteem in which he was held. Resolution II sums up so well the tangible results of his ministry it deserves quoting in full.
         "Resolved: That in looking upon the past we cannot fail to recognize his successful ministry, especially in the extinguishment of our large parish debt, in the prosperity of our Sunday School, in the addition of a pleasant and commodious Sunday School and lecture room, in the increased offerings of the church for missionary and benevolent purposes, and in short, in all the labors which tend to promote the spiritual and temporal prosperity of the church; and in this separation we feel we have sustained a great loss not only in this church but in the Diocese and Community at large."


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