D.D., LL. D.

         The illustrious family of which Dr. Alexander Burgess was a member numbered at least three generations of clergymen. This family gave the church three bishops, Bishop George Burgess, D.D. of Maine, Bishop Frederic Burgess, D.D., LL. D., late Bishop of Long Island, and the one-time rector of Christ Church, Bishop Alexander Burgess, D.D., LL.D., who gave the church faithful service as first Bishop of Quincy, Illinois. The Rev. Thomas Burgess Jr., now at the Church Missions House is a grandson, and the Rev. Frederic Burgess Jr., of Zion and St. Timothy Parish New York City and the Rev. George Burgess, one time rector of Grace Church, Chicopee are grandnephews of Bishop Alexander Burgess. His only son the Rev. Thomas Burgess was ordained in Christ Church, and as priest, preached his first sermon there.
         Alexander Burgess was born in Providence, Rhode Island, October 31, 1819. He was graduated at Brown University in 1838, at the age of nineteen, and at the General Theological Seminary in 1841. He was made deacon in Providence, November 3, 1842 by Bishop Griswold, and ordained priest November 1, 1843, by Bishop Henshaw. While in deacon's orders he had charge of St. Stephen's Church, East Haddam, Connecticut. In 1843 he became rector of St. Mark's Church, Augusta, Maine, which office held until Easter 1854, when he removed to Portland, Maine, where he was rector of St. Luke's Church until 1867. From 1867 to 1869 he was rector of St. John's Church, Brooklyn, New York.
         "Dr. Burgess was a deputy to the General Convention of the Episcopal Church from 1844 to 1877 and represented the


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