assisted "by Suffragan Bishop Babcock, and the Bishops of Southern Virginia, Newark, New York, Hankow, Vermont, Connecticut, and several others. Christ Church was represented by the Rector and several members of the Vestry." The Boston Post voiced the sentiment of all whose lives had touched Bishop Slattery's at any point, when it said—
         "A preacher of power; a strong executive in matters ecclesiastical; a man of charming personality and high intellectual attainments, Dr. Slattery will surely take his rightful place in the long line of noted churchmen of his faith here in Massachusetts."
         Bishop Slattery and Miss Sarah Lawrence, daughter of Bishop Lawrence, were united in marriage in St. Paul's Cathedral, Boston, November 19, 1923.
         In April, 1925, Bishop Lawrence, at the age of seventy-five, transferred to Bishop Slattery the administration of the diocese. Bishop Lawrence reserved the title, "Bishop of Massachusetts," and remained president of the church pension fund.
         Dr. Slattery came to Christ Church the first Sunday in Advent, 1907. He entered upon his duties with an enthusiasm and devotion which never failed throughout the three short years of his ministry here. Where a need existed he urged the formation of a new organization. He infused new life into the existing ones. Himself a man of definite achievements, and a hard worker, he made very clear the importance of immediate, sustained action. Best of all, his parishioners were always individuals whom he loved, and who loved him in return. An augmented Clerical staff was one of the first changes made. First a Junior Assistant, the Rev. Alfred DeForest Snively, was chosen, whose chief duty it was to revive and conduct the North End Mission. Miss Eunice Peabody, the first deaconess, came in April 1908, having been head of the Deaconess' School in St. Paul, Minn., and teacher of Psychology in the University of Minnesota. She was able to remain here but a short time and her place was taken by Miss Ann Waite Lovell, a graduate of the New York Deaconess School. Miss Josephine Blackfan


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