about this time. A painting, brought from London, was presented to Christ Church l)y Mr. Horatio W. Southworth in memory of Bishop Alexander Burgess. This picture—"Christ and the Woman of Samaria "—was painted by Nicholas Poussin. It hangs at the rear of the vestibule between the long, narrow, stained-glass windows. Resting on a shelf directly under this picture is a large, old-fashioned Bible, presented by its former owner, Mr. Theodore Chapin Beebe. Later the crowning glory was added, the exquisitely carved pulpit, erected as a memorial to the Rev. John Cotton Brooks.
         Dr. Slattery contributed, in inestimable measure, to the intellectual and religious life of the Church and the city during his rectorate here. Christ Church was privileged to hear often great men of exceptional intellectual calibre, among them Dr. H. E. W. Fosbroke, Dean Henry S. Nash, Dean George Hodges, who were Dr. Slattery's personal friends. One evidence that Dr. Slattery desired to further worthy work outside his own parish is the fact that he officiated at the laying of the cornerstone of the Y.W.C.A. building on Howard Street, June 23, 1909. Incidentally one room of this building was furnished by Christ Church Guild, as a plate on the door testifies.
         Among the parishioners who died during Dr. Slattery's rectorship were four who for many years had been closely identified with the church's work. To each in turn Dr. Slattery paid the following tribute:—
         "Jan., 1908.—Mrs. Nathan Adams and Mrs. Elisha Gunn were friends and co-workers in Christ Church from the beginning of its history; and rich in character, they have passed to the other world. . . . Their lives have been built into Christ Church, and Christ Church records its thanksgiving to God for all their deeds of generosity and mercy done in Christ's Name."
         "Major Homer Grannis Gilmore, for many years a vestryman of Christ Church, finished his earthly task October 14, 1908 . . . . His honorable war record, his frank love for the


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