Harold Manley, a Christ Church boy, of whom it is justly proud, went in 1922, to Liberia, and spent about three years there. He wrote of his work. "The Holy Cross Episcopal monastery of West Park, New York, has set out to establish a mission in the central part of Liberia, and my part of the work will be to superintend the construction of their mission houses, churches, schools, etc." His companions were "the first and only Christian workers in this part of the world."
         Within a few years, Christ Church has numbered among her communicants, two centenarians. The late Mr. Isaac Wood, who died as the result of an automobile accident, celebrated his 100th birthday at the Parish House in 1919. He possessed unusual strength for his years, walked the streets unattended, and went to church until a few weeks before his death, regularly. Mrs. Eliza Marshall, a charming, active, mentally alert old lady died on December 10, 1926 at the great age of 103 years and six months. Save at the last she was able to attend church at intervals. It is most interesting to note that Mrs. Marshall, when a young girl, while living in the West, was confirmed by Bishop Henry W. Lee at Keosauqua, Iowa. When her husband died, over sixty years ago, she returned to New England. About fifty of those years, Mrs. Marshall has lived in Springfield.
         Although at the time of her death, Mrs. Marshall was the oldest member, Mrs. R.F. Hawkins has been a communicant of Christ Church the greatest number of continuous years. Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins were confirmed during Dr. McKnight's rectorship.
         From 1923 to 1926 Christ Church lost, by death, three wardens: In 1923 Messrs. Edmund P. Kendrick and Henry H. Skinner, and in 1926, Colonel Stanhope E. Blunt. As a memorial, at the Annual Meeting, January 14, 1924, Mr. Henry Morgan said in part:
         "Mr. Kendrick was probably the best known and most highly respected person in the parish, having served it for forty-four years as Clerk, Vestryman, and Warden. For many years


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