also he was delegate to the Diocesan Convention both of the old diocese and the new, and a member, of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Western Massachusetts from its beginning. He had been Mayor of Springfield and for many years was a highly esteemed member of the Hampden County Bar, enjoying the respect of the whole community. His legal knowledge helped him to guide the affairs of the parish. . . . and his counsel arid advice were gladly followed. . . . . He was a just and good man and in any history of Christ Church the name of Edmund P. Kendrick will hold a high place."
         "Mr. Skinner after twenty-nine years as a Vestryman, was chosen Warden when Mr. Kendrick declined re-election last January, but less than four months later his services as warden were terminated by his untimely death.
         A highly successful man of business he had acquired large means and was discriminately generous in his use of them . . . . a member of the parish from his earliest childhood, he knew Christ Church thoroughly. A great reader, the Anglican Church interested him beyond any study . . . . above all her music . . . .
         For many years he was a delegate to the diocesan convention both of the old diocese and the new, and for several years a delegate from the diocese of Western Massachusetts to the General Convention all of which involved a considerable sacrifice of time to a man with his wide business interests . . . . He will be greatly missed in the Vestry and by the entire parish."
         A part of an Appreciation of Colonel Blunt also written by Mr. Morgan (1926) reads:
         "The son and grandson of soldiers he was an officer of distinction attached to the Ordnance Department of the U. S. Armory. In 1907 he was appointed Commandant of the Arsenal in Springfield. The connection of the Armory with this parish was a favorite topic with the Colonel, as will be shown when the revised issue of the parish history appears . . . .


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