Of distinguished appearance 'every inch a soldier', Colonel Blunt was a marked man in any community . . . . As chairman of the Park Commission on the City Planning Board and not least as President of the Springfield Hospital . . . . But it is as Vestryman, Warden, and Treasurer of this parish that we are particularly concerned. Elected Vestryman in 1908 he was regular in attendance at . . . . meetings and took from the first a leading part . . . . for his wise counsel and sound judgment were immediately apparent . . . . Endowed with a gift for finance . . . his unremitting devotion to this essential part of church work will be sorely missed . . . . In 1923 he was elected Warden . . . Soldier Citizen, Churchman, Colonel Blunt's departure leaves behind him none but gracious memories"
         Lack of space forbids the naming of all the other faithful Christ Church members who have died since 1915, save three well known throughout the parish. Mr. Elisha Gunn, a member of a family loyal to the church almost from its beginning, died in 1926. "The simplicity and exquisite courtesy of an earlier day combined with great goodness to produce in him a character of singular loveliness." Mrs. Timothy M. Granger will be long remembered for her rich endowment of Church loyalty and missionary zeal. Mr. Frederick W. Rosenberg, Vestryman, Chairman of the Property Committee, and having for his particular duty the church ushering, also died in 1926. He was highly esteemed by his fellow vestrymen for his companionable traits and for his business ability.
         The most noticeable changes in the church fabric since Mr. McGann assumed charge are the making over of the south transept into a chapel, the building of new choir stalls, and the placing of a litany desk at the head of the Main Aisle. It is planned to redecorate the interior of the Church in the Spring, and to start re-building the tower which, in 1876, had to be taken down because of weak building stone then used in its construction.


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