For about two weeks, in February 1927, Mr. McGann shared with Bishop Perry the Bishops' Crusade in Vermont, during which time an effort was made to visit each church and mission, in that state. Mr. McGann said of this work:
         "As you know, I enjoyed greatly my crusading experiences in Vermont. Inevitably one always gets more than one gives in such spiritual campaigning. We seem to come to close grips with reality. Naturally the preaching was simple and direct. The prayers no less so . . . . It recalled the months of my service overseas when worship and preaching were distinctly informal . . . .
         Plans for an endowment fund were launched by Mr. McGann on December 18, 1924. Its outline permits anyone to give sums large or small at any time. So far $3,060.00 has been contributed. Two legacies, one from Mr. H. H. Skinner of $25,000 and one from Colonel Blunt of $20,000 with $20,000 given in trust by Mrs. William C. Simons as a memorial to her brother Mr. Elisha Gunn, have added substantially to Christ Church funds, in the past three years.
         "At a Parish meeting held April 29, 1926 Article IV was amended making the number of vestrymen fifteen instead of nine. This was approved by the Bishop and Standing Committee May 18, 1926."
         No more felicitous tribute could be paid to Mr. McGann than to give a summary of the outstanding achievements of his rectorate --at present the second longest in the history of the parish. Such a summary includes an admirable war record; three inspiring missions conducted by eminent men of the church; the arranging for the union service at the Auditorium; substantial contributions to the Endowment Fund, a project which the Rector has called "the ideal of his ministry." At the close of the year 1926, for "the first time in the history of Christ Church the missionary apportionment, $9,222, was paid in full, and by a resolution of the Vestry, it was accepted as a part of our budget for the future."
         Mr. McGann was appointed deputy to the General Convention


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