at Detroit in 1919, at Portland, Oregon in 1922, and at New Orleans in 1926. He was placed by the General Convention on the important Concordat Commission, whose members-as a parishioner and delegate to the Conventions stated-hold him in the highest regard. He is one of the examining chaplains and a member of the standing committee of the diocese.
         When the second edition of our parish history is issued, a tower will have been added to our structure, and the church interior redecorated. The cost of this is met in its entirety by the accumulations of the Baldwin funds, and a legacy from Mrs. Adeline C. Jones. A detailed account of these appear elsewhere. It must be remembered that the tower funds are not available for any other purposes than that for which they are now expended. The total is in the neighborhood of $40,300. The tower will be 75 feet high, of square Norman construction, with a machicolated parapet. There will be at least one room available for office or Church School purposes.
         The redecorated interior will add greatly to the attractiveness of the church, and sometime in November, when the tower is completed, there will be a solemn service of dedication conducted by the Bishop of the diocese. This improvement and the things that go with it mark an advance step in the life of our parish.
         Mr. McGann is a forceful and eloquent extempore preacher, and as a late warden told the writer, "He is regarded by the general church as a very able preacher and pastor." Those under his charge number 1213 confirmed and 1785 baptized persons, a vast multitude compared with the small group of armorers and the few village families who held Springfield's first Episcopal services in the Chapel on Armory Hill, one hundred and ten years ago. — S. H. F.


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