Christ Church Parish grew to such size that when the Reverend Alexander Burgess, D. D., became rector, it was necessary to call an assistant to share the work. Sometimes there have been two clergymen to aid the rector, as the work in the parish increased. Mention may be made of some of these earnest men, many of whom have become well-known through their writings, their rectorships, or other services to their fellow-men.


         The Rev. John Lightner Egbert who was a curate in 18741875, during the rectorship of the Rev. Dr. Burgess, received his education at Kenyon College, Gambia, Ohio. He studied law, but later attended the General Theological Seminary in New York and took up the work of the ministry. He married Miss Ellen Watkinson Adams, a daughter of Dr. Nathan Adams a prominent member of Christ Church. From Springfield he went to Bambridge, N.Y., and then to Vineland, N. J., where he spent four years. Coming back to Massachusetts he was rector of Churches in Lynn and Marblehead. He died in 1905.


         The Reverend Alfred Evan Johnson was educated at Brown University, taking his B. A. degree in 1871, his M.A. in 18743 and his S.T.B. in 1876. He was curate at Christ Church and in charge, of the Mission of the Good Shepherd in West Springfield in 1876-1877. From Springfield he went as curate


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