Born in Springfield, Mass., attended Christ Church School, was a member of the choir.
         Enlisted in the spring of 1917. Was in training at Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont, went to France with his Company in December 1917, and was killed in action July 15, 1918 at the second Battle of the Marne. He is buried in France.


         Born in Springfield, Mass., February 21, 1892. Was baptized and confirmed in Christ Church and attended Christ Church School. Enlisted in Springfield, Mass., July 5, 1917 in the Medical Enlisted Reserve Corps, United States Army. Served at Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont as a member of Training Company A, Medical Enlisted Reserve Corps until discharged for disability (valvular disease of the heart) August 17, 1917.
         Died at Springfield, Mass., October 10, 1918.


         Graduated from Harvard College 1913, and from the Harvard Law School 1917, then attended the first Plattsburg camp, was there commissioned 2nd Lieutenant of Infantry and ordered to the 76th Division at Camp Devens, being later transferred to the 101st Infantry, 26th Division, and sailed for France September 7, 1917.
         He was with Company L of that regiment during most of his training period in France, and on June 15, 1918 was promoted to 1st Lieut., and soon thereafter made Battalion Adjutant, remaining so until the regiment moved into the line, when he rejoined Company L, serving with them until his death.
         With the regiment he moved to the Chateau, Thierry District and participated in the repulse of the German attack of July 15. Five days later (July 20, 1918) the


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