company joined in an attack on the German position in the second battle of the Marne. On leaving cover they met with a terrific machine gun fire, and Lieut. Dunbar while walking before his men looking after their shelter and alignment, and forgetful of all but their existence and efficiency was almost immediately killed.


         The Rev. Walter Handley was assistant minister at Christ Church from June 1915 to June 1916. A native of Great Britain, he desired to become a chaplain in the British Army, but no vacancy then existing he enlisted in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, was promoted a Second Lieutenant and was killed in action March 24, 1918.


         Born at Kobe, Japan, Nov. 1, 1893. Was confirmed while attending St. Paul's School, Concord, New Hampshire. Resided in Springfield and was associated with Christ Church until 1913.
         Joined the British Army in April 1915, was attached to the 1st Battalion King's Shropshire Light Infantry and was killed in action at Ypres, April 21, 1916.


         Born at West Springfield, Mass., April 15, 1897, but resided in Springfield after 1910. Attended the Technical High School and Christ Church School and was a member of Christ Church Choir.
         Graduated from the U. S. Military Academy Aug. 30, 1917, and served in the 47th Infantry as 2nd Lieutenant and 1st Lieutenant at various training camps in the United States until accompanying his Company to France in May 1918, where he was assigned to command of his Company, led it into action at Chateau-Thierry and was wounded at the River Ouroq, August 6, 1918. He rejoined his regiment in October, was promoted Captain in November and


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