honorable record of war service. Bishop Davies sailed for France Sept. 18, 1918 on a special mission for the Y. M. C. A. He had no special title in France, was simply called "Bishop". He served along the front from the Argonne to Bar-le-duc, visited the 104th Infantry, and other regiments, evacuation hospitals, base hospitals, an(i opened a canteen at Verdun. With permission of the church authorities he celebrated Holy Communion twice at the Cathedral of Verdun. He held services in the Y. M. C. A. huts, barracks, aviation camps and preached to the German prisoners at St. Pierre-de-Corps. Later he held services in Paris and London. He returned to New York Dec. 17, 1918.
         Mr. McGann was chaplain of the 20th. Mass. Infantry for two years, with rank of Captain (1918-1920). He was sent over-seas with the Y.M.C.A. as special preacher. He visited many parts of France on the Front, and back of the lines from Aug. 1918 to Jan. 1919. He also spoke in English camps and churches in Aug. 1918. Mr. McGann was very ill with the dread influenza, while in Paris. He was taken on shipboard, and his recovery was not complete until many weeks after his return. Mr. McGann later through sermons, lectures, and informal talks made very clear to his parishioners the undaunted spirit of France, the heroism of individual soldiers, and the spiritual forces at work in camp and field.
         Mr. Laine sailed for France Sept. 18,1918, on a special mission for the Y. M. C. A. He was called into service Aug. 1, 1918 commissioned First Lieut. and Chaplain, and ordered overseas. He was in action in the Meuse-Argonne offensive until the signing of the Armistice. He was with the Army of Occupation as Senior Chaplain and Morale Officer of the American Garrison. He was relieved of active duty, Aug. 6, 1919 and was immediately commissioned a chaplain with the rank of First Lieutenant of the Officers Reserve Corps of the United States Army.
         Dr. George W. Lay, who came from St. Mary's', Raleigh, N. C., conscientiously and devotedly filled the office of minister-in-


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