rules were strictly adhered to. They provided for a fine of fifteen cents for absence, ten cents for tardiness and fixed the pay of the boys at twenty cents a service with fifty cents extra at the end of the month if none of the rules had been broken during that time."
         Surplices were not worn until 1883. For a period between 1873 and the early 80's the boy choir was given up and a quartet employed. During this period Mr. Edward Morris was for a time the tenor and Miss Lucy Shumway (Mrs. Charles Chapin) soprano. At the Consecration of the Rev. Dr. Burgess May 15, 1878, a newspaper report states that the "music was in part a repetition of the Easter program, including a Venite and Te Deum, written for Christ Church choir by Edward Morris, the tenor of the quartet. Miss Shumway sang an exquisite sacred song of Willhelm Coenen while Mrs. Kingsley sang Mendelssohn's '0 Rest in the Lord.'"
         The first Choir Festival held in New England took place in Trinity Church, Boston, shortly after it was completed. The boy choir of Christ Church was invited to go and take its part in the service. This was a great occasion and much work and care was put into the preparation.
         There have been about three hundred and fifty names on the roll of the choir during the last twenty-five years. About 1883 we find among others, the following names: Geo. Allen, James Anderson, George Barton, Arthur Bowen, Thurland Chattaway, Charles Frazer, George Goodrich, Fred Harwood, Philip Haynes, Rudolph Lerch, Edward Meade, Burt McDonald, Frank Norton, Charles Norton, George Raynor, Harry Ross, Lesseps Robson, Frank E. Stacy, Fred Stacy, Thomas Spellman, Joseph Spellman, William Mellews, George Wellman and Charles Wilson.
         Among the present vestrymen who were once choir boys are Stedman Craig and William Parks. The late Henry H. Skinner, for many years a vestryman of Christ Church and whose many records and memories of early days, helped to make possible this history was an old choir boy. At his death it became


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