known that he had left the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars to Christ Church the income of which was to be used preferably toward the music. Every organist found in Henry Skinner an ally whose interest and care for the Music of the Church never wavered. The Rev. Paul Atkins was once a choir boy in Christ Church. Timothy Dale, once a soloist of Christ Church, later won prominence on the stage with Keith and Poli circuits. He later went into musical comedy where he sang leading roles. T. Henry Coote, tenor, also became a star in comic opera, while Lambert Murphy, a member of the Metropolitan Opera Company, was an old Christ Church choir boy. While yet members of the choir, Wilson Bly, Clifford Weake, Ronald Winder, Frederick Bull, Edward Schmidt and Charles Cushman, on account of their fine soprano voices were chosen to become members of the famous Grace Church Choir in New York.
         Several attempts have been made to organize a Choir Alumni Association. There seems to have been such an organization as early as 1889—for one record tells us that in August of that year the choir spent the month on a three-hundred-acre farm at Watch Hill, R.I., where several officers of the Sunday School joined them. On June 6, 1913, about one hundred and fifty former members of the choir held a reunion and banquet in the Parish House. They marched in procession from the upper floor to the dining room singing a song composed for the occasion. Mr. Frank E. Stacy had prepared a song sheet. Topical songs were sung—and there were selections by the Hosmer Male Quartet, and by the men's quartet, then singing in Christ Church, Messrs. Hunt, Ellis, Hosmer and Cox. There were solos by Earl Hosmer, Mr. Wilkins, Walter Gray, Willard Sistare and Donald Murray. Many historical facts were brought to mind by this reunion.
         While Mr. Alexander was minister-in-charge of our parish, was suggested that a Girls' Choir, to sing at the afternoon Lenten services, be formed. As all of the singers in that early choir were members of Christ Church Guild, it was called the


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