Republican" said of the last concert held in April, 1922:"The sixty choristers, conducted by Thomas Moxon, sing with purity of tone and with admirable precision, and it was generally felt by those who heard them last evening that their work may fairly be put beside that of the Paulist Choristers, whose visits to this city have been so much enjoyed."
         In 1926 the Rev. Mr. Soule started a girls' choir from members of the church school.
         During the past ten years the church has acquired a very valuable library of church music, the composers included being Bach, Handel, Mendelssohn; the old and modern writers of music for the English Church; the modern Russian composers, as well as those men of today who are giving of their best to uphold the highest traditions of church music. This represents approximately five hundred different anthems and service settings. The collection of Christmas carols contains some very rare compositions. The library is classified, catalogued and arranged with great thoroughness.
         One cannot leave the choir without telling of the faithful work of two women of the parish who served as choir mothers for many years. When the boy choir was started the vestments were cut out and made by Mrs. George Parsons. In this she was aided by her daughter, Miss Ella F. Parsons whose connection with the choir, had, at the time of her death, lasted nearly forty years. It is fitting here to speak of Mrs. E. E. Grieves, who was also associated in this work as choir mother for over thirty years, missing very few services at which the choir sang, during that long time. Several generations' of boys grew to love and respect these loyal women. For a time Mrs. Stedman Craig and Mrs. Charles Chadwick aided Mrs. Grieves in her work. After they resigned Mrs. Franklin H. Slater was chosen to take their place. If, as we are taught to believe, the early training of a child counts for much in his later life, do not the years spent in "the choir", give our boys, aside from the musical training, which is invaluable, a start in regular church attendance, and a groundwork in churchmanship which has a steadying influence in their mature years?—L. M.


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