The window representing "Faith" in memory of Miss Annie M. Child, in the north transept, is of painted glass. The robe of grisaille, or white glass, ornamented with medallions of silver stain, may possibly be representative of the 14th century. The following interesting quotation is taken from the "Springfield Republican" of Jan. 1, 1878: "A new window has been placed in the north transept of Christ Church on the side facing Chestnut Street, in memory of Miss Annie M. Child, the daughter of Rev. Dr. Child formerly rector of the church, who died at Newburg, N. Y. a few months ago. This window, provided by her brothers, is the most expensive of the small windows in the church and unlike all the others in being of modern, instead of medieval style. The predominating colors are light, affording a sharp contrast with the darker hues. The greater portion of the window is occupied by a figure of 'Faith' of somewhat fuller contour than usually made, while below is a bar of music, lilies, and fleur-de-lis. The coloring of the lilies and the figuring and shading of the drapery of the representation of 'Faith' are particularly fine."
         The present chancel windows and the newest ones in the transepts as well as those in the clerestory of the nave are of painted glass. Leads used to fasten the pieces together are almost entirely in the outlines of the figures and draperies. A back-ground and support of ground glass is behind the colored sheet of the chancel windows. All the new windows are pictorial and symbolical, of harmonious, restful colors and inconspicuous borders with a moderate form of canopy. Miss Josephine Brooks, daughter of the Rev. John Cotton Brooks, writes: "The old Chancel windows were given in memory of General Barnes and his wife by their children, but at the Rev. Mr. Brooks' request one of the sons, a Mr. Barnes of New York, consented to allow the glass to be removed that something beautiful and worthy of the church might be substituted, giving up his right of retaining the windows as a memorial, save only one which bears the family name."
         In Feb. 1908 the Rev. Dr. Slattery organized a committee to


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