receive gifts for other memorial windows to replace some of the old ones. This committee consisted of the Rector, The Junior Warden, (Mr. Wm. C. Sinions) and Messrs. H. H. Skinner and C. E. Galacar. They selected windows in accordance with a plan left by the Rev. Mr. Brooks, the subjects of which should harmonize with those in the chancel. These, finished in April, 1910, we find in the clerestory of the nave and of the transepts, the former representing scenes in the life of Our Lord, the latter four of the prophets. Dr. Slattery suggested that a tablet bearing the names on the old windows should be placed in the Church. This has never been done; but it is expected that such a tablet will some day be procured.
         A few of the original clerestory windows were given by individuals in memory of relatives or friends, but many were paid for by general subscription and were inscribed with the names of persons who were prominent in the early days of the church. Only a few names which were on these old windows have been recalled. They are: Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Jones, probably Mrs. Clarrisse Root, (which name is to be found also on one of the new windows), and Francis Van Rensslaer. Mr. Henry H. Skinner recalled that Mr. Van Rensslaer was once a Sunday School teacher of his. Another remembers that he was one of five very intimate friends who were together so much that they were called "the quintet." When Mr. Van Rensslaer died the four remaining friends presented a window in his memory. Their names are: James Safford, Reginald F. Hyde, Edward Morris, and Dr. Kent.
         A few years after the new clerestory windows were secured, while Mr. Smith was rector, the Mothers' Club gave the first of the windows to represent the Latin Fathers. This window, found in the north transept, is of St. Augustine and his mother, St. Monica. During the Rev. Mr. McGann's rectorship a window in the south transept representing St. Chrysostom was given by Dr. Smith in memory of his mother. In 1924 four more windows were presented to the Church. One of the original windows in the north transept; that of the pelican feeding


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