her young, in memory of Mrs. A. E. Hall was replaced by one given by Miss Josephine Smith in memory of her mother, Frances Amblarde Pheips. It represents the Latin Father, St. Francis of Assisi, "the best known and most beloved of all the medieval saints." In the south transept, the series of the Greek Fathers was completed. A ftind was raised by voluntary gifts of organizations and members of the parish for two memorial windows for the late Rev. William Austin Smith, D. D. One is of St. Gregory of Nazianzen, the other of St. Basil. The next in position is the St. Chrysostom window already mentioned. The fourth placed in l92 as well as the fourth of the Greek series is of St. Athanasius. It was given by Mr. Edward T. Davis in memory of Mrs. Davis. Since all of these lower transept windows were made by the same London firm of C. E. Kempe & Co., there is conformity of color and design as well as of interpretation of theme'.
         If the plans for the windows made by the Rev. Mr. Brooks should ever be completed the worshippers in Christ Church would enjoy the harmony of color and of subject and graceful designs produced by the best English glass manufacturers of the present day.
         During the rectorship of the Rev. Mr. Brooks, in the year 1889 a notable collection of stained and painted glass was given for the new parish house. This is genuine stained-glass in distinction from the painted glass in the Church. At that time the Messrs. Tiffany and La Farge were rivals in the discovery of the ancient "pot-metal" method of making stained-glass. An example of the Tiffanys' work is found in the memorial to Robert Fenner Nichols, on the stairway; while in the upper room of the Parish House are to be found treasures from the studio of John La Farge which every member of this parish should be taught to admire and cherish.
         In the work of the Tiffany Brothers and of La Farge, the flesh colors only are painted, the other portions being stained. In certain portions of the La Farge windows several thicknesses or "plates" of the stained glass are used in order to get


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