Windows in the Aisles.

  Leaders of Ancient British and Anglo-Saxon Christianity.
      St. Colomba.
      St. Augustine of Canterbury and others.
  Leaders of our Church in America, as:
      Bishop Seabury.
      Bishop White.
      Bishop Kemper.

Plan by the Rev. C. L. Slattery, D.D.

I. Two rose windows designed by Messrs. C. E. Kempe & Co.,
  and new tracery designed by Mr. Henry Vaughan.
      North Transept.
            The Tree of Jesse.
      South Transept.
            The True Vine.

II. A window of the "First Fruits." The first dollar earned
      by a small boy was brought as a gift to the church. It was
      planned to use this as a nucleus for a window fund.

III. In 1913, during the rectorship of the Rev. Wm. A. Smith
      a fund, called "The Mile of Dimes" was started for raising
      money to buy the rose window planned for the
      South Transept.


I. Chancel.
  1. Upper part—The Preaching of John the Baptist.
      Lower part—The Angel Gabriel appears to Zacharias.
      a. In memory of—
            Roger S. Moore, died Dec. 31, 1893.
            Sarah A. Moore, died Sept. 30, 1875.
            Mr. Moore was a vestryman under the
            rectorship of the Rev. Wm. S. Child.
      b. Given by their daughter, Sarah Jane Moore, a
            contributor to the organ fund, in 1900.


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